Center For Agriculture & Rural Development (CARD), Inc. (A Microfinance NGO)

CARD - Center for Agriculture and Rural DevlopmentIn its vision, the CARD-Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD-MRI) is the global leader in the microfinance industry owned and led by members upholding the core values of excellence, competence, integrity, family spirit, humility and simplicity. It is committed to build sustainable financial and capacity building institutions owned and led by socially and economically challenged families; to provide continued access to integrated microfinance and social development services, such as credit with education, leadership with a heart and innovative community programs, to an expanding membership base by organizing and empowering women and their families; and to continue upholding the highest standards of stewardship of financial, human and institutional resources.

CARD, Inc. was organized in 1986 as a social development foundation, and began operations as a rural bank in selected branches by 1997. To date, CARD-MRI operates in 40 provinces all over the country, with CARD Bank having 42 branches nationwide.

Contact Details

Mr. Josef M. Leron, Director for Compliance

CARD MRI Main Building
20 M.L. Quezon St., City Subdivision
San Pablo City, Laguna

(049) 561 2214
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(049) 561 2018
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