How to Become a Member

Key Programs and Services


As a major industry player, MCPI serves as the voice of the microfinance community in advocating for policies that will promote a more inclusive, gender responsive, and client-friendly environment for microfinance.

Capacity Building

MCPI’s capacity building program is geared towards helping member-MFIs serve significant numbers of poor households with financial and non-financial services and ultimately facilitate the reduction of poverty in the country. Specifically, it offers support in the areas of market research, product development, and social performance management. In addition, it organizes training workshops and exposure visits based on identified needs of MFIs.

Social Performance Management

MCPI is committed to scale up the practice of social performance management and mainstreaming it into the overall performance management of MFIs by improving the understanding and appreciation of SPM; gathering and improving the state of practice; increasing the body of knowledge and information on social performance; and enhancing transparency on social performance.

Performance Monitoring and Benchmarking

MCPI monitors the financial and outreach performance of MCPI members and other microfinance industry players.

Knowledge and Resource Center

MCPI increases the availability of industry information, microfinance best practices, and innovations in microfinance through research studies, discussion papers, practice notes and case studies.


Membership Benefits

  1. Industry recognition by becoming part of the network of microfinance leaders and movers.
  2. Participation in experience-sharing activities with peers. Priority is given to members.
  3. Access to technical assistance in areas such as market research and product development, social performance management, and client protection.
  4. Scholarships and special rates on MCPI-organized learning activities.
  5. Access to resources and tools such as research studies, discussion papers, case studies, and practice notes.
  6. Linkage opportunities with the local and global microfinance community.
  7. Participation in the governance of MCPI – up to nine representatives are elected to the MCPI Board of Trustees.