Mindanao Microfinance Council

Mindanao Microfinance Council

In the 1990s, the microfinance industry landscape in Mindanao was changing and confronted with challenges such as escalating competition among microfinance practitioners; an unprecedented demand for quality and value on the part of clients; and growing pressure from government regulation.Microfinance practitioners in Mindanao agreed to work together and establish an organization that will support the common interests of microfinance institutions in Mindanao;become their voice in the microfinance industry;and promote growth of and cooperation among MFIs to achieve desired results of poverty alleviation efforts of the Mindanao microfinance industry.

The Mindanao Microfinance Council (MMC) was formally registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on March 25, 2004 and its first officers were elected and sworn in on March 30, 2004 during the 2004 Mindanao Microfinance Summit in Davao City.

True to its mission “to strengthen member institutions in delivering effective financial and capability development services to the poor and to develop them into effective catalysts of economic and social development of Mindanao”, MMC regularly provides training and education, and technical assistance to its member organizations in Western, Northern, Eastern, and Southern Mindanao. It also organizes conferences and meeting of MFIs and does research on and dissemination of best practices in the industry.

Contact Details:

Mr. Jack Lord Rubillar, Executive Director

Door #6 2nd Floor, ATU Plaza Bldg. II
Gov. Duterte St., Davao City

(082) 392 3411
(0917) 628 5134

(082) 282 4282



MMC Nomination Procedures – Mindanao Representative to the MF NGO Regulatory Council

October 25, 2016

Download MMC Nomination Procedures