Mission & Vision

Our Vision:

A world-class national network of microfinance institutions and support organizations advocating sustainable, innovative, and client-responsive solutions to poverty in the Philippines.

Our Mission:

Through our members:

  • Advocate poverty reduction and social protection in the Philippines by promoting ethical and inclusive financial and non-financial services.
  • Advance their capacity to serve poor households in a sustainable, innovative, and client-responsive manner.
  • Achieve the highest global standards of excellence in governance, stewardship, and service towards staff, clients, and communities they serve.

Our Goals:

  • To advocate for an environment that is conducive to the growth and development of a client-centered and sustainable microfinance sector.
  • To enhance the capacity of the members to develop an integrative, innovative, client-responsive, financially inclusive, and sustainable products and services to serve significant numbers of poor households.
  • To increase the availability of industry information, microfinance best practices, and innovations.
  • To manage network service delivery processes and strengthen operational, technical and financial capacities of MCPI.