Rangtay sa Pagrang-ay Microfinance, Inc.

Rangtay sa Pagrang-ay, Inc. (RSPI), Ilocano for “bridge to progress”, is a non-stock, non-profit Christian  non-government organization with the mission of reaching out to the less privileged and  transforming their lives through Christ-centered enterprise, microfinance and community development. RSPI offers loan products for the different needs of a poor family; designs and delivers adult learning and values education programs to develop and instill Christian values in clients and staff alike; and chooses to support enterprise that do not harm the environment. It also has business development services to help clients manage and expand their ventures; and partners with other institutions for its community development programs.

Established in Baguio City on March 1987, it now has twenty-five branches in ten provinces all over Luzon, and around 40,000 clients.

Contact Details

Ms. Alma M. Estolas, President and CEO
Ms. Minerva D. Bernuela, HR Manager

#12 Leonard Wood Road
Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City

(074) 445 3592
(074) 422 4140

(074) 300 3907